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Rockville Chiropractic Clinic's Dr. Huichul Kim is a prominent chiropractor serving Rockville, Maryland and the surrounding region. He performs treatments, such as spinal decompression and adjustments, to reduce pressure in the back.

Back Pain Q & A

What Causes Back Pain?

A muscle strain may cause back pain. It's also possible the pain comes from an injury caused by a fall, a sudden movement, or lifting a heavy object. Infection, a broken bone, a pinched nerve, or arthritis may cause pain in the back. A chiropractor isn't able to assist when a patient has a broken bone, arthritis, or an infection, though.

What Conditions Does a Chiropractic Doctor Treat Most Often?

Patients with subacute back pain, which is pain that occurred within the last three months, benefit from chiropractic treatments. Those who have flare-ups from chronic back pain benefit as well.

What Should a Patient Expect at the First Appointment?

Dr. Kim will begin the process of requesting a medical history from the patient that consists of questions, such as whether the patient smokes, his or her alcohol consumption, what the patient's lifestyle is like, the work he or she performs, and various other questions. Next, Dr. Kim will conduct a physical examination of the patient and recommend the best course of action. Treatment begins the same day or at the following appointment.

What Treatment Will Dr. Kim Use for Back Pain?

Each situation is different and depends on the root of the pain and the location of it. It may consist of spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, or posture rehabilitation. Spinal manipulation is when the chiropractor moves the joints to relieve pressure, improve nerve function, and relieve inflammation by realigning the spine. It treats pain caused by poor posture or an injury. Spinal decompression stretches the spine using a table or motorized device. It relieves back pain by taking pressure off of the back. Posture rehabilitation utilizes manual manipulation to realign the spine and help a person with his or her posture, which ultimately relieves back pain.

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