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The Rockville Family Chiropractic Clinic, serving Rockville, Maryland and the surrounding region, has a long history of addressing patient's issues using massage therapy. Dr. Huichal Kim, the clinic's chiropractor, and his staff relieve stress and increase mobility using techniques that date back thousands of years ago.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the use of soft tissue manipulation techniques in order to loosen muscles and promote healing.

Does the Chiropractor Perform the Massage?

The chiropractor is able to perform the massage, although the treatment is usually performed by a massage therapist, who is qualified to perform massage as a medical treatment.

Who Does It Benefit?

The treatment benefits individuals who have tight muscles, which lead to pain or an inability to move the area as much as he or she should. Generally, this includes patients who experience an injury. Patients who have frequent headaches benefit.

How Does It Work?

Massage therapy works to reduce pain by loosening areas where muscles are tight. By loosening the muscles, the patient is able to have a better range of motion in the area and experience less pain. The massage therapists are trained to detect the areas where muscles are tight and use the correct technique and amount of pressure to relieve the problem.

Is It Utilized for Stress Relief?

Although massages do relieve stress, they are not the sole or main purpose of the massage therapy treatment. In most cases, it's a perk for patients who undergo the treatment.

How Does a Deep Tissue Massage Differ from a Standard Massage?

A standard or therapeutic massage uses a series of techniques, such as kneading, that targets muscles deeper than a standard massage does. It helps reach scar tissue in order to break it down. Not to mention, it has the ability to increase blood flow to the muscles more so than a regular massage.

Are Chiropractic Massages Covered by Insurance?

Massage therapy may be covered by certain insurances, but there are usually limits as to the number of treatments a patient may receive within a certain period of time. Usually, insurance requires a physician or physical therapist to refer a patient to a chiropractor for this particular service.

Accepted Insurances

We accept most major insurance providers. We offer a complimentary verification of your health insurance. Please contact the office for more information.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Johns Hopkins Health
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