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Dr. Huichul Kim is a respected chiropractor in the Rockville, Maryland area who practices out of the Rockville Chiropractic Clinic. He attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and utilizes his knowledge to help patients who suffer from recurring headaches using massage a spinal adjustment.

Headache Q & A

Is It Normal to Experience Headaches?

Most people will experience at least one headache in their lifetime. For some, unfortunately, it's a regular occurrence. It, however, isn't normal. Although not every headache indicates a serious problem, oftentimes the underlying issue is a cause for concern.

What Causes Headaches?

The cause of a headache–even a regularly occurring one–will vary. This can range from sinus issues to posture problems, tooth grinding, or even a tumor. Staring at a computer or television screen for prolonged periods of time will cause headaches. Muscle tension in the neck is the main cause for most headaches.

Are There Different Types of Headaches?

Different types of headaches exist. Dr. Kim can determine what type and possibly the underlying cause during an examination. A dull, throbbing headache may be caused by tension, caffeine withdrawal, or depression. Allergies contribute to a headache with pain starting in the face and radiating upwards. Migraines are a more severe type of headache and so are cluster headaches and hypertension headaches.

How Can a Chiropractor Treat a Headache?

Dr. Kim begins by asking the patient a series of questions regarding the patient's headaches, lifestyle, and medical history. He'll ask the patient questions like what the headaches feel like, where they occur in the head, when they started, and what triggers the onset of a headache. From there, Dr. Kim determines the best course of action.

How Does Dr. Kim Address the Problem?

The chiropractor may perform spinal manipulation, which realigns the spine and promotes better circulation. It takes strain away from the neck, which is a common cause of headaches. The chiropractor may recommend the patient undergo massage therapy to relieve stress from the neck and back. Dr. Kim may recommend lifestyle changes to relieve the severity and frequency of the headaches, such as by starting a vitamin regimen, losing weight, or exercising regularly

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